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Prohibition Party 2019 !!!

December 13, 2019 07:30 PM until December 14, 2019 02:00 AM

Each year we mark the ratification of the 21st Amendment & the repeal of the 18th Amendment with a grand celebration. The Prohibition era, 1920 to 1933, encouraged bootleggers, defiant entrepreneurs & everyday people to step up & out for what they truly wanted;  a night on the town. Billions in federal & state taxes lost, criminal empires were made and all over the drink. Defiant fashion style, dance and new set of moral standards emerged distinguishing this era as 'the roaring twenties'. What modern day man, woman or other wouldn't want to have a night in their shoes?!?

The evening will include but is not exclusive to burlesque performances, a decadent buffet of shellfish, caviar, roasted meats & vegetables, an open bar, DJ, dancing & general revelry. 

Top Shelf Ticket 7pm - 10:30pm tickets $75 per guest includes a top shelf open bar, six bespoke burlesque performances, dinner, dancing ,dj 

Call Ticket 10:00 - 2am $18 per guest includes 2 burlesque performances & a complimentary glass of Sparkling Pointe Brut, DJ

Rack Ticket 11pm - 2am $10per guest includes DJ & a shot of Moonshine or Corn Whiskey