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Prohibition #9 "Revel in the Repeal"

100 South St, Greenport, NY 11944

Be ready to dance & dine, shimmer & shake, observe & ooh... 

‘Revel in the Repeal’

An event set to kick off the Holiday Season with camaraderie, joy & entertainment. This celebration is focused on  defiant fashion style, dance and new set of moral standards which defined 'the roaring twenties' or right now. Join us for decadent foods, the art of burlesque & the nuance of a drink…

Find your way, Friday December 8th, 2023 for the 9th Annual Prohibition Party!!! Ticketed guests only. Performers & our team. A truly special event. 1920's attire is not required but encouraged; so break out the diamonds, dust off the pearls, snap those suspenders & fan your feathers! It's a celebration!  

Top Shelf Ticket  $125 {6:30pm -10pm, guests are welcome to stay as late as we do}

Our ‘TOP SHELF’ ticket boasts caviar, champagne, oysters, roasted meats, prawns and more....Guests will also enjoy cocktails, wine & beer inclusive through 10pm. DJ dancing +  burlesque performers will lose layers of feathers, glitter & gold in three acts for your eyes to feast on! 

  • please note this ticket INCLUDES dinner & open bar + entertainment for 3 hours + late night dancing & (post 10pm) cash bar
    • tickets are limited, ideal for everyone's experience.

Call Ticket $50 {9:45 though last call}

Our ‘CALL’ ticket allows a later night entry beginning at 9:45. An inclusive glass of champagne or bourbon will be served at the door. And the very last burlesque performance will begin at 10pm. DJ & dancing through 1am.

  •  INCLUDES light snacks, 1 glass of complimentary champagne, cash bar, DJ & 1 burlesque performance 
  • tickets are limited, ideal for everyone's experience.

Rack Ticket $30 {11pm - last call}

The ‘RACK’ ticket is to insure the night is full of pay to play fun. No one will be admitted without a ticket. So if you plan to join us late night buy in early. 

  •  please note this ticket INCLUDES DJ & is a cash bar until 1:30.

Yes, we accept credit cards for 'cash bar' is, after all, the 21st century.

Until then keep your chin up & your nose clean. 

Event Over